Community Input

Since 2012, Metro Vancouver has consulted and engaged with North Shore communities, stakeholders, local governments, First Nations, and the public to hear and identify concerns about the Project. Methods of engagement included 95 meetings comprised of public open houses, workshops, and meetings with the Lions Gate Public Advisory Committee and community members.

More detail on the phases of the Project, including procurement and funding,  indicative design, and public and stakeholder engagement undertaken by Metro Vancouver, can be found here

Since contract award in April 2017, ACCIONA has been working to raise awareness, engage interested parties in dialogue, and respond to Project-related enquiries, including two phases of public consultation.

The first phase, held between May 18 and June 8, 2017, sought feedback on the draft Public Impact Mitigation Plan, which describes ACCIONA’s approach to minimizing community impacts during construction.

Phase 2 took place between June 21 and July 12, 2017, and was designed to seek feedback on the additional measures included in the revised Public Impact Mitigation Plan as a result of Phase 1 community input. Phase 2 also focused on the new facility, plaza, and landscaping design; proposed sustainability strategies; and construction traffic and parking strategy as part of the District of North Vancouver Development Permit Application process.

Phase 1 and Phase 2 presentation boards can be found in the Document Library.

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Public Impact Mitigation Plan Consultation – May 18 to June 8, 2017

Presentation Boards – May 18, 2017 Open House

Public Impact Mitigation Plan 

Public Impact Mitigation Plan

Consultation Summary Report – Public Impact Mitigation Plan

Permit Review Consultation – June 21 to July 12, 2017

Presentation Boards – June 21, 2017 Public Information Meeting

Noise Studies

Background Noise Monitoring Report BKL June 2017

Metro Vancouver Project Definition Report (Noise Report Appendix 6C)

Noise Modelling Report BKL August 2017

Noise Monitoring BKL September 2017

Noise Monitoring BKL October 2017

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Metro Vancouver Close Up Video – Project Transportation Initiatives

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