ACCIONA is one of the world’s leading contractors for designing, constructing and operating wastewater treatment plants, tertiary treatment plants for water reuse as well as drinking water treatment plants, and desalination facilities.

With over 300 wastewater plants around the world, including the world’s largest wastewater plant recently built and commissioned in Mexico, ACCIONA is a global provider of sustainable infrastructure and renewable energy services.

Our Canadian headquarters is based in Vancouver and we have successfully delivered infrastructure projects across Canada for over 15 years.

ACCIONA’s leadership and expertise spans the entire value chain from research and development through construction, operation and maintenance of projects. Now present in more than 30 countries, ACCIONA delivers infrastructure solutions that contribute to the economic and social progress of the communities in which we operate.


Our Partners

ACCIONA has partnered with several industry leaders to complete the Project, including Dialog Design, who have been collectively involved in over 300 wastewater treatment plant projects.


Designing meaningful change

We are passionate about design. We believe it can, and should, meaningfully improve the wellbeing of our communities and the environment we all share.

We’ve come together because we see the important challenges facing communities becoming increasingly complex and therefore best engaged through the collaboration of diverse perspectives and expertise. DIALOG has been consciously created as a multi-disciplinary collaborative to tackle these challenges.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes architects, urban planners, interior designers, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, and landscape architects. We practice across Canada and the US from studios in San Francisco, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto. Our work includes designing for urban vibrancy, health and wellness, transportation, education, arts and culture, residential, retail, and commercial as well as mixed-use solutions incorporating an increasing number of these.

DIALOG has been designing positive change in communities since 1960. Although our work has attracted many awards over this span, we consider a project truly successful when it is embraced by its end users and its community.