In the community

ACCIONA has appointed a Community Liaison Officer, who is the main point of contact for the community throughout Project construction. The Community Liaison Officer provides regular updates to the community as the Project progresses and monitors a 24-hour per day/7-day per week Project information phone line, voicemail and email.

The Community Liaison Officer can be reached at 604-928-7810 or by email at

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NSWWTP - Location Map


Media enquiries should be directed to Don Bradley, Metro Vancouver Media Contact at 604-788-2821.

Procurement Opportunities

The North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant will provide significant opportunities for small, medium and large local businesses and is working to advance economic opportunities for Indigenous groups through procurement opportunities.

The procurement approach for this project consists of a number of large contracts for major project components, as well as multiple smaller contracts for supporting activities, process plant, equipment and ancillary works.

You can apply to register with ACCIONA for opportunities on this project by emailing us at Once you do so, you may be invited by email to register on PROCUR-e.

What is PROCUR-e?

PROCUR-e is an online supplier portal and tender platform where you can register your company to access North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant bid opportunities.

There is no charge to register in PROCUR-e but you do need to do so in order to qualify for inclusion in tender opportunities.

Should you choose to register as a supplier with ACCIONA on PROCUR-e, this will ensure your company will be taken in consideration when a relevant work package arises. If selected you will receive an email that will notify you when a bid opportunity specific to the goods or services you supply is posted.