Project Overview

In April 2017, Metro Vancouver awarded ACCIONA the contract to design and build the new North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant to replace the existing primary Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment Plant.

New federal regulations require all primary treatment plants be upgraded to provide secondary treatment as well. Secondary treatment uses biological processes to remove dissolved and suspended organic compounds, resulting in much cleaner effluent and reduces environmental impacts. The new facility will provide a higher level of treatment to the North Shore’s wastewater before it is sent into Burrard Inlet.

The new plant will be located on West 1st Street, between Pemberton Avenue and Philip Avenue in the District of North Vancouver.

North Shore Wastewater Treatment Project Site Map

Project Renderings


These renderings are not final and are under review. 


The North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant will be constructed using best practices for wastewater treatment, and will include the following community benefits:

Odour abatement – Uses a modern, enclosed design and world-class odour abatement system

Water conservation – Harvests and reuses rainwater outside the plant and conserves and reclaims water within the plant

Environmental – Removes 90 per cent of organic material and suspended solids

Community spaces – Includes new public amenities such as a public plaza, education spaces and community meeting spaces


The new plant will be constructed to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold and ENVISION Gold certification standards.

What is LEED? Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is one of the
most popular green building certification programs used worldwide. LEED seeks to optimize the use of natural resources, promote regenerative and restorative strategies, maximize the positive and minimize the negative environmental and human health consequences of the construction industry, and provide high-quality indoor environments for building occupants.

What is ENVISION? Envision® is a sustainability rating system and planning guide for

introducing sustainability considerations into infrastructure projects. Envision assesses not only individual project performance, but how well projects contribute to the efficiency and long-term sustainability of the communities they serve.

Both rating systems are complementary and provide a flexible framework to identify sustainable approaches throughout Project design, construction and plant operations.

Wastewater Treatment Process

The North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant will be more efficient than the existing plant, and will offer environmental benefits and additional community amenities in addition to its sewage treatment function.

The plant will harvest and reuse rainwater outside the plant and will conserve and reclaim water used within the plant.

The biogas produced in the treatment process will be used to provide power and heat for the plant.

Water Treatment Process