West 1st Street Activity Update

This update is intended to provide you with an update for work on West 1st Street for the North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant Project. The project is completing pipe connections on West 1st Street from Philip Avenue to Pemberton Avenue, which is anticipated to be underway until fall 2021. Over the next few months, work at the Philip Avenue intersection will enter the final stages. Crews will then begin the pipe connections across West 1st Street and construct two maintenance holes. Please see the map below for location details.

What to expect:

A: Philip Avenue and West 1st Street intersection (through June 2021)

  • To finalize pipe installation in the south end of the Philip Avenue and West 1st Street intersection the project will remove concrete, excavate, cut steel and remove components of support structures.
  • This includes the use of saws and hydraulic hammers that will increase noise levels in the area while this equipment is in operation. This noisy work will occur during daytime hours only.
  • Truck detour: From mid-May to mid-June right hand turns from northbound Philip Avenue to eastbound West 1st Street will not be permitted and traffic will travel straight through the intersection. A truck detour will be in place via Welch Street to Garden Avenue. No truck traffic is permitted on Welch Street.

B: West 1st Street east of Philip Avenue (through June 2021)

  • To complete two pipe connections (sanitary and effluent lines) from the north side of West 1st Street to the new plant, crews will excavate, install support structures, install pipes, backfill and repave the area.
  • Crews will start on the south side and then move to the north side to reduce the amount of traffic pattern changes.
  • To install support structures, crews will lift, place and hammer the steel structures with an excavator. This intermittent activity will increase noise levels around the project site.
  • Periodic single lane alternating traffic during off-peak hours may be required to accommodate equipment movement, advance notice will be provided.

C: Maintenance hole installation West 1st Street laneway (starting mid-May)

  • This work includes a temporary pipe bypass and installation of two maintenance holes north of West 1st Street to connect to the new sanitary and effluent lines.
  • To maintain utility service, a temporary pipe bypass is required to support existing infrastructure around the work areas. Pumps will be in operation 24/7 during this time. Noise shielding will be in place.
  • Fencing will be installed to ensure safety around the work areas. Access to businesses will be maintained.
  • Excavation and support structure installation is required for maintenance hole installation. This work includes piling and hydrovac activities for approximately 14 days starting late-July, during this time noise levels are anticipated to increase. Piling and hydrovac work will occur during daytime hours only.
  • Additional details will be provided to nearby businesses to confirm timelines and alternate parking.
Map of work locations on West 1st Street

This work is weather dependent, and timelines are subject to change. Changing work locations may also affect traffic patterns. Travelling public are reminded to take caution while travelling through the area and follow traffic construction personnel and construction signs.

To reduce the amount of time for this work, the project will complete less noisy activities during evening hours. Noisy work will be scheduled during daytime hours only. The project team will provide updates through the website and email as required. This work has been scheduled during the drier months to reduce the need for hydrovac and pumps.

We appreciate that the work on West 1st Street has been disruptive and we appreciate the community’s patience as we complete this work. We will continue to provide updates on West 1st Street work and activity on the project site as work progresses.

If you have any questions about the work described in this letter, or to sign up for Project updates, please contact the Project’s Community Liaison Officer at 604-928-7810 or community@accionadbjv.ca.