Year End Update

On behalf of the North Shore Wastewater Plant Project team, thank you for a great year. We are excited to be a part of the North Shore community, and would like to take this opportunity to provide a year-end update and information on what work will take place early in 2018.

Since April 2017, ACCIONA has achieved several Project milestones including two community open houses, finalizing the Public Impact Mitigation Plan, and we have recently received our Development Permit from the District of North Vancouver.

Following is a summary of current site activities. Please note: no work will take place December 24, 2017 to January 1, 2018.

Stone Columns – underway since August 2017, we are pleased to report we have reached the halfway point for stone column installation. Using stone columns instead of piles for ground strengthening significantly reduces vibrations and noise. Stone column installation consists of pre-boring holes and installing the stone columns with a vibrocore to compact the aggregate to create a stone column. Pre-boring the holes is an additional vibration mitigation measure to reduce the time required for each stone column.

Pre-Load – consists of large piles of gravel and aggregate materials, which are stored on site and contained with cement lock blocks. Once the stone columns are installed, the pre-load is added on top to complete the ground strengthening. All aggregate materials for pre-load will be barged to nearby water access and trucked a short distance to site, reducing transportation impacts and overall operating times.

Hardened Barrier Wall – required for ground improvements. Preparations will begin mid-January, along the west side of the site (Philip Avenue). The equipment required to complete this wall is similar to the equipment used to pre-bore holes for stone columns.

Site Office Trailers – installation is underway on the eastern side of the site, closest to Pemberton Avenue. The Project team will relocate to the trailers in early 2018. Over the coming weeks, line painting will take place on Pemberton Avenue south of West 1st Street to reflect the shift in traffic lanes to provide safe distance around the office trailers, while maintaining two lanes of traffic.

West 1st Street Parking Lane Rental

The Project has rented the parking lane on the south side of West 1st Street for site staging and utility connection work to ensure safety for the travelling public and Project workers close to the road. During this time, temporary “no parking” signs will be in place; however, the cycling lane and traffic flow will be maintained. This rental is initially for a three-month period, but may be extended through to Project completion.

Nighttime Work

The Project received approval for extended hours in October 2017, through to late March 2018. Nighttime work is temporary and necessary as we complete this important stage of the Project, and we are continually looking for ways to minimize impacts to our neighbours. We are making good progress with nighttime work, we are pleased to report that we are over 50% complete with stone columns. Consistent with our application for extended hours we will not need to work extended hours for ground improvements beyond mid March 2018. As mentioned earlier, there will be no work occurring on site from December 24, 2017 to January 1, 2018.

Key mitigation efforts the Project team has implemented include barging materials to nearby port access for stone columns and pre-load, which significantly reduces the distance traveled and time spent on roads for the 15,000 truckloads of materials required. Nighttime work also allows us to maximize our deliveries during off-peak traffic periods. Additional mitigation measures include:

  • Installing a noise barrier along the exposed fence line of the north side of the site;
  • Reducing the number of pre-drills in operation during extended hours from three to one;
  • Stopping hydrovac operations by 8:00pm; and,
  • Moving noisier equipment (such as water pumps) to the south side of the site, and placing additional barriers around noisy equipment, wherever possible.

Looking into 2018 we will install fencing around the perimeter of the site, we are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with the public art and education committee to engage the community with this piece. We will continue to provide updates on Project activities through our website ( and email updates, so check back often. We would like to sincerely thank you for your patience and consideration as we continue to move forward with this important Project.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Community Liaison Officer by phone 604-928-7810 or email should you have any questions about the Project.